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PT. Berdiri Matahari Logistik


To be the Most Preferred Global Supply Chain Solution Provider as needed.



In order to achieve those goal, PT. Berdiri Matahari Logistik as one of the HTS Group, has committed to achieve those goal,
together with all the employee and management, by implementing the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015
as one of the continues improvement action and also by implementing 5 core value as our guiding principles:

1. Compliance : We Value "Basics and Ethics".
2. Customer Focus : We Deliver Value to Our Customers.
3. Innovation & Excellence : We Strive for Service Excellent Through collaborative Innovation.
4. Diversity and Inclusion : We Leverage Inclusive Diversity for Holistic Growth.
5. Sustainability : We Think Act Responsibly as a Global Citizen.

This Vision and Mission need to be understand and implemented to all level and management, as a commitment of
PT. BML to be the "Most Preferred Global Supply Chain Solution Provider in the world".

Quality Policy

PT. BML as one of the Hitachi Transport System Group for Management and Provision of Integrated Freight Forwarding, 3'rd Party Logistic,
Heavy Transport, has commitment to deliver high-quality services that will help making the world a better place for the people and nature
for generation to come, by implementing the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015 as one of our goals.
In order to implement those goals, PT. BML has commitment:

1. Customer Focus
With On Time Shipment, Good Quality and the Right Price.
2. Implementing ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) as our management foundation.
3. Developing of Human Resource
By improving the quality of human resources with good morale, high dedication with continues motivation.
4. Harmony & Team Work
Create conducive and harmonized working environment with Team Work.
5. Health & Safety
Create healthy & safe working environment.
6. Zero Accident
No Accident during working process is our high concern and goals.
7. Challenge and Innovation with enthusiasm
Having good spirit and high enthusiasm in order to challenge the global market.

This Quality Policy has to be implemented, documented and communicated to all level of the employee, without any exception
as top management direction and instruction to be followed.